Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

We assess your earnings, savings, lifestyle, demographics, aspirations, future income needs and risk taking ability. Based on this information, we build and manage your mutual funds portfolio in a scientific manner so you can focus on achieving your financial goals.

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Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Insurance is designed to protect your financial security and should be a key part of your overall financial plan. There are many types of insurance products available and the kind of coverage that’s right for you depends on your circumstances and financial goals.

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Financing Solutions

Financing Solutions

Loans are a critical tool to achieve your personal milestones in life. Many a times there are utilities and aspirational assets that you need to purchase without there being adequate capital. It is essential to manage the cost of such capital & ensure adequate future cash flows.

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Tax Advisory

Our tax advisory experts draw on their diverse experience and skills to give you an effective & seamless service through all the challenges of tax planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities on your behalf.

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We work with you to help you measure your financial health by creating a customized sustainable financial wellness program. Our financial wellness program MyFinWell allows you to manage your cash flow better so that you are better planned to achieve your financial goals.

You achieve your
life’s milestones.
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Why Invest My Money? Why MyFinWell?

You are the pivot

Client Centric Approach

Our advice is centred around your financial personalities. We recommend the investment portfolios based on carefully crafted fund selection criteria and due diligence. Use our specialised calculators to quantify your investment goals, and watch your money grow. Should you need any assistance with our services, simply call us.

Get the best advice

Certified Advisors

Our expert advice informed by our immense experience will always be readily available. Every major domain of the financial world – Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Banking, Business Strategy, Trade and Finance – has specialists ready to help. Simply call us and get your queries answered.

With bank grade security

Secure Platform

InvestMy.Money has invested in an integrated, secure and easy to access platform for your mutual fund investments. You don’t need to look elsewhere for your mutual fund investments. We have implemented bank grade security that ensures all your transactions are routed safely in the most secure environment.

Invest at your pace, anytime

Easy Anytime Access

We have kept our web interface to be self – explanatory and really simple to use. You can access your investment information 24X7X365 via your online dashboard. You can also invest or transact at your convenience. Should you need any assistance, simply contact us, we are always available to assist you with any of your queries.

Call & Chat with Us for Your Financial Wellness

How Does Financial Wellness Program Work?

Financial wellness refers to your ability to live within your means & manage your money. This is achieved by developing better spending habits, optimizing your debt, improving your savings, enhancing your investments & finally, planning for your retirement.

Understand Financial Basics

To manage your finances, you need to understand them. First, create a budget and a personal balance sheet. Your balance sheet tells you about your net worth after comparing your financial assets with your financial liabilities. Next, create a record and track your spending. This will allow you to set goals for better financial wellness.

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Financial Wellness. Yes!

Once you are ready to embrace financial wellness, you need to create a plan for better money management. This reduces your financial stress as well as personal anxiety. Work with best options to relieve financial distress. Evaluate & identify how to cut back, increase income, pay down high interest debt & seek investment counseling.

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For Financial Wellness

MyFinWell is a financial wellness program created & led by qualified and certified advisors. We brainstorm with you so that you achieve your life’s milestones. We are available to you for your queries via phone, email, & in person. We work with you to relieve you of debt and cash flow issues thereby reducing financial stress.

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Financial Wellness Gains

MyFinWell works with you and helps you identify your risk profile and suggest suitable investment options. We provide you with critical market inputs that impact your investments. We suggest the right kind of health and life insurance options. Put it all together and MyFinWell helps minimize your taxes and helps you grow your money.

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Drive Financial Wellness

MyFinWell assists you in financial planning throughout the period of engagement. We further, help you measure progress by first creating a sustainable financial behaviour. We then help you set up your benchmarks and assist you in tracking the progress.

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Grow Your Money

After working with you by creating a sustainable financial plan, we get ready to measure the growth of your financial wellness program. We provide you with continual feedback on your investment portfolio so that your money grows. We also help you better your budgets and saving patterns as per your evolving milestones.

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